Friday, October 31, 2008

Ahoy! Happy Halloween

Awww… my little pirate girl! This evening our building sponsors a Halloween dog parade on our street. It should be lots of fun. Well…fun for us, I don’t know how much fun Brandy will have. Horrible Daddy’s forcing her into this hideous costume. Anyway, I’ll take some photos and post them tomorrow. I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's all about the drama

I just love these pair of Benches with silver leather upholstery. Found these in a New York Showroom. If you really want to add some drama to a simple room these would be fabulous. I can see the room now... white walls, ebony tone hardwood floors with a zebra print rug. Chic!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Central Park Tree

I took this shot last spring when Steve and I decided we wanted to move to the city. I love this Central Park tree. Thought I would share it with everyone.


I really love this! Don't think I can pull it off, but love his style. This is from New York's very own "the Sartorialist" I'm still trying to to be in the right place at the right time with an amazing ensemble for the Sartorialist to photograph me.. I've seen him once, but was not wearing proper COUTURE. Damn! I'll let you all know when I make it on his list.

Interesting Skies

So, yesterday was really nasty outside. It rained all day and it was a bit chilly at 45 deg. However the day before was beautiful, it was about 65 deg. and the clouds had a lot of texture. I love clouds against a vibrant blue sky, makes for nice photographs!

NYC Halloween Decor

I thought this was a cute idea.. The torture chamber! What I think is funny that this is the extent of Halloween d├ęcor in the city. We don’t have yards or even large windows to hang decorations on. I remember as a kid I would rush home from school and place all of my dead sage brush in the yard that I had collected the weekend before and erect tomb stones that I had made from cardboard, gray and black spray paint, and a black marker. I would play creepy Halloween music and scare all the children. Anyway, you can’t do that here. No sage brush and no yard! I still think this torture chamber is a good idea though. I found this down the street from my apartment.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Hood

Here are a couple photos of our neighborhood. The first photo is of our building which is on the left side. I just love all the trees on our street. My door man tells me that the trees are decorated with white lights during the Holidays. Pretty! The other photo is of Alvin Ailey's dance studio which is right across the street from us on 9th Ave. This excites me! I think most of you know what a huge fan I am of modern dance, and especially Alvin Ailey's dance company. At night the shades are open in the dance studio so you can see all the dancers rehearse. Maybe I'll take up some dance lessons!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Beautification in Progess

I took these photos yesterday of our apartment under construction. As you can see I'm having new crown molding, and baseboards installed, and new recessed lighting. The workers have also spent a lot of time running cable and audio wire. We decided we wanted speakers in most of the rooms. Later this week they should begin patching and adding a skim coat to the walls and ceiling. Next week they will refinish the hardwood floor, and then paint. Right now it's a mess of course, but the space has great potential. I'll post more photos as the progress continues. Oh, one of the sub contractors in the photo is Juan.. He has been awesome!

Bergdorf Goodman windows

So yesterday morning I decided to walk over to 5th ave. to get some shots of these fabulous windows at Bergdorf's. The back drop of these displays are the zodiac's which the display team made from nails and string. All 12 signs wrap around the store fronts windows. This took a lot of work and skill! Gotta love those window display artist's.

Initial Post

Just would like to let everyone know that my blog is obviously under construction. My desktop is packed away in storage. In about 3 weeks the construction of our new home will be finished and I can dedicate more time to my blog. Currently I am working on a laptop on a small table in a closet basically...well it's not that bad. All I can say is that it's an adventure, but I'm looking forward to moving into our larger space. Please check back soon for photos and all the happenings!

Grand Canyon

These shots were taken during our long drive to the NYC. We had beautiful weather as you can see.