Monday, October 27, 2008

Beautification in Progess

I took these photos yesterday of our apartment under construction. As you can see I'm having new crown molding, and baseboards installed, and new recessed lighting. The workers have also spent a lot of time running cable and audio wire. We decided we wanted speakers in most of the rooms. Later this week they should begin patching and adding a skim coat to the walls and ceiling. Next week they will refinish the hardwood floor, and then paint. Right now it's a mess of course, but the space has great potential. I'll post more photos as the progress continues. Oh, one of the sub contractors in the photo is Juan.. He has been awesome!


John Busschaert said...

This is a great looking apartment. if you look past the tape and spackle, you can tell it's a diamond that just needs polishing. Even Sarah Jessica Parker would be jealous!

Steve said...

It will be ready for movie night when you come visit, John!

Jesse Turek said...

Yay! Movie night