Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do Not Hold

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A True Perfumerie for the Olfactory

Love this boutique called Le Labo! Discovered it in Nolita on Elizabeth street, but for all of my west coast friends that appreciate amazing candles and quality parfume's there is a little jewel of a perfumerie waiting to be explored on 3rd street in Los Angeles.
Candles are an important accessory in our home...the soft glow of a lit wick adds tons of ambiance to a room. I just love how the flame sways back and forth creating dancing shadows along the walls. OK OK...I'm getting carried away, but these contain high levels of oil which is what I look for in a candle. When you can run your finger along the surface of the wax and apply it to your skin as a fragrance...that is a quality candle guys and girls. This candle also burns like no candle I have ever seen.. It burns PERFECTLY EVEN! The wick naturally creates a mushroom tip which is created by the oil that is being drawn up to create the pouch which then disburses the scent. OK! Its all about the science y'all. Damn, I haven't even talked about the parfume's yet. They sell both men's and women's fragrances, but heck, I believe that all fragrances are unisex anyway. Every scent smells different on everyone, depending on your body chemistry and amounts of natural oil in your skin. Alright! You guys, go check this one out for yourselves. The candles here will run you $70.00 but its worth it, and it makes for a great gift. If you look closely at my shot of the candle above, it says Jesse on the label. They custom make the label when you purchase the candle. Oh, and when you purchase a fragrance they'll mix it up fresh for you! So go out and buy this great candle as a gift...and if you don't have a gift to buy for anyone...just have your name put on the label...Voila! gift purchased... for yourself! That's what I did anyway...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Grand Architecture

Yale’s 260 buildings include contributions from distinguished architects of every period in its history. Styles range from New England Colonial to High Victorian Gothic, from Moorish Revival to contemporary. Yale’s buildings, towers, lawns, courtyards, walkways, gates, and arches comprise what one architecture critic has called “the most beautiful urban campus in America.”

I agree. The Yale campus is pretty grand. I felt like I was walking around in Paris or London.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Serendipitous Saturday

On the train heading toward CT.

Us and Alexis at her parents home

Stephen in the museum elevator

Me in front of Sol LeWitt's drawing at the Yale museum

Stephen and I decided to get out of town for the day so we took the train out to New Haven CT. But to our surprise our friend from Los Angeles was visiting her parents for the holiday which was a few stops before New Haven. We made a little pit stop and had a great visit with Alexis and her parents in Westport... This town is sooo Martha Stewart! After out visit, we continued on our little journey to New Haven, home of Yale. There is not much in the sleepy town, but the Yale museum is a nice little gem amongst the amazing campus grounds. Serendipitous events continued!...their temporary exhibit was "First Doubt" Optical Confusion in Modern Photography. Hello! And it contained several photographers that I research and study. I just love when these nice surprises happen in life...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Red Slide and Ice

It was a nice crisp Christmas day here in New York, so we decided to take a little walk, and was hoping to get a few shots since the lighting was so great. This cute little guy was playing in the park near the Hudson river and I just couldn't resist snapping this shot.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Henri Cartier - Inspiration

A few week ago Stephen and I discovered Left Bank Books. It's a sweet little book store filled with modern first editions and used books. Amongst all the great tomes, I found a large coffee table book of one of my all time favorite photographers, Henri Cartier-Bresson. I didn't purchase it because we were on our way to a movie, but to my lovely surprise, I unwrapped it this morning. Thanks Steve! Anyway, these are some of my favorite photographs taken by Henri in the early 1900's. Some professionals believe the second photograph is the worlds best picture ever be the judge. It is pretty fabulous though. One of my favorite photos is the first one.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Walking Home

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Boots for City Slush

This past week the skies dumped a few inches of snow on us, but then it rained after and the streets became rivers of icy sludge. While walking in it I realized that having the proper foot wear is important. If your not wearing a hearty boot your feet and ankles will become soaked and froze, and a good tread on the boot is just as essential, to prevent slippage. I was witness to all of these unfortunate accidents this past week, and decided I don't want to look like a non-New Yorker and come home with wet feet and legs, or worse yet, come home with a broken bum! So, I went straight to my neighborhood shoe store, which sells a slew of great fashionable boots and I purchased my very first Hunter rain/snow boot. (pictured in the first photo) I love them! I can trudge through the thickest sludge. The other two photos are just some neighborhood stores. I liked all the boots in the windows. Shoes are serious business in New York!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chairs in Bryant Park

Friday, December 19, 2008

Iron and glass

This fantastic and rare iron and glass chandelier is an Erik Hogland. It contains clear glass medallions and 12 candles. Made by Boda Nova Glassworks/Axel Stromberg Ironwork, Sweden circa 1950s. I love the organic shape to it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Squares of Expression

Since moving to the city, I've been infatuated with pocket squares. It's an easy and smart way to dress up a suit, and add your own personal touch. If I'm wearing jeans and want to dress it up a little I throw on a jacket and shove a square in my pocket.

You can fold your little squares of silk neatly or create points to them or even tuck them in the pocket and let the fabric billow or flutter out! Finding an assortment of patterns and colors to express yourself is never a difficult task either. I love these little squares I purchased from Lord Willy's in Nolita. Their store is small, but the merchandise is of quality not quantity. They specialize in Custom made tailored shirts for the dapper man!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'round and 'round

Carousal in Bryant Park. Just as I was leaving a guy with a mask jumped on it. I liked how creepy his reflection looked in the mirror. It reminded me something out of a horror film...

My first New York Christmas

Since this is my first year living in NY, I'll post some tourist type photos... I mean I have to right?! It's NEW YORK! And I feel like I'm on a vacation even though I've been here for nearly 3 months. The other night I was near the Rockefeller Center, and really thought I should go by to take a look at the tree and snap some shots. It was a beautiful evening, and all the tourists were crowding around the tree, the children were ecstatic, and everyone was filled with so much energy. I stood there observing the crowd feeling like both a tourist and a local, but not feeling like a New Yorker yet! I'll let you all know when that day comes. (See my November 28th post titled "When can I call myself a New Yorker?)
Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Tube, and it's Passengers.

The public transit system is awesome! Being one of those former Los Angeles SUV driving stuck in traffic zombie's, it's nice not driving anymore. Giving up my car for a subway card gives me the opportunity to snap shots while in route to my destinations.

The subway can be completely peaceful and still, or it can be packed with people bumping in to one another. It's a great place to photograph the public and fashion. The first photo of my subway gal was obviously a model, very pretty and thin, and she just had that look about her. I loved how casual and unmade up she was - her baggy fur trimmed jacket, the boots, her great bag with scarf tied around strap, she just looked so relaxed but confident. The girl in the last photo has that edge but with a softness. Loved the dark clothes with the pop of color from the beanie and socks, which by the way she was workin those tubes! Again, another fur trimmed jacket... Oh, and the first photo is my peaceful subway shot.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"I hope you understand my wondrous thrill, 'cause Vaudevilles back at the Palace, and I'm on the bill"

These famous "Palace Medley" Lyrics were belted out last night by the renown Liza Minnelli. Yes, at the Good Ole age of 62 Liza's been taking the stage at the world's famous Palace on Broadway and is wowing her audiences nightly. She's followed in her mama's foot steps...well, kinda. Judy performed at the Palace on a number of occasions, and I believe her last performance's were at The Palace, and now look at Liza...a 4 week run on Broadway's finest. I purchased tickets for last nights performance in advance because I knew it would sell out quickly, and she has even extended her running to four more days due to overwhelming demand. I've loved Minnelli since I was a child, and was very happy to actually see her live at such an amazing venue. Her act was energetic, funny, and emotional. This Broadway diva is still givin it her all, and like her mother, she's not goin out until she's squeezed every last bit of performance left in her...Now that's Vaudeville folks!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nostalgic for the Dapper Gentleman of Yesteryear

I adore vintage, antique everything really, but making vintage fashion work can be a little tricky. You can go overboard and look like you've stepped out of the bad 1970's with the bell bottoms and green crochet scarf. The 50's...not so bad, but this era did give birth to the embroidered and tropical shirts! Mixing some vintage with current fashion is the key, but then I think you have to find that balance also.

While doing my usual research I Stumbled upon this great website.
It's a New York based company that specializes in men's accessories...but just not any accessories - Classically inspired accessories like what grandpa or great grandpa use to wear. Mix a few of these pieces in your wardrobe for that dapper look.
Great shots below are from Scott Schuman "The Sartorialist". This is what I mean by "The Dapper Gentleman", but with a current twist.

Tres Bon!

While shopping in Nolita the other day I came across Cafe Colonial
and dropped in for a little sweet tooth break. It's a Brazilian restaurant that
has the best Flan I have ever tasted. They call it grandma's homemade flan.
I'm thinkin if grandma made has to be good right?! I ate it all. I should
have snapped an after shot also, but wasn't as pretty as the before!

These little yummie's are from a place in Brooklyn called Colson Patisserie.
I haven't tried them yet, but their on my list. You can order sweet morsels
and such from the website.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Book Ends on the Subway

Was on my way to Nolita via subway and this guy was falling asleep
and began to sway from side to side between these two girls. Immediately
I noticed that the two looked like book ends for sleepy guy...both
wearing similar hats and reading.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Corners of my Life...

A corner for my late night research on my laptop and reading...

A corner for my aroma's...

A corner for my work...

And a corner for buddha...