Monday, December 15, 2008

The Tube, and it's Passengers.

The public transit system is awesome! Being one of those former Los Angeles SUV driving stuck in traffic zombie's, it's nice not driving anymore. Giving up my car for a subway card gives me the opportunity to snap shots while in route to my destinations.

The subway can be completely peaceful and still, or it can be packed with people bumping in to one another. It's a great place to photograph the public and fashion. The first photo of my subway gal was obviously a model, very pretty and thin, and she just had that look about her. I loved how casual and unmade up she was - her baggy fur trimmed jacket, the boots, her great bag with scarf tied around strap, she just looked so relaxed but confident. The girl in the last photo has that edge but with a softness. Loved the dark clothes with the pop of color from the beanie and socks, which by the way she was workin those tubes! Again, another fur trimmed jacket... Oh, and the first photo is my peaceful subway shot.