Sunday, December 21, 2008

Boots for City Slush

This past week the skies dumped a few inches of snow on us, but then it rained after and the streets became rivers of icy sludge. While walking in it I realized that having the proper foot wear is important. If your not wearing a hearty boot your feet and ankles will become soaked and froze, and a good tread on the boot is just as essential, to prevent slippage. I was witness to all of these unfortunate accidents this past week, and decided I don't want to look like a non-New Yorker and come home with wet feet and legs, or worse yet, come home with a broken bum! So, I went straight to my neighborhood shoe store, which sells a slew of great fashionable boots and I purchased my very first Hunter rain/snow boot. (pictured in the first photo) I love them! I can trudge through the thickest sludge. The other two photos are just some neighborhood stores. I liked all the boots in the windows. Shoes are serious business in New York!


diane said...

The assortment of boots in the window - most handsome.

Steve said...

I totally agree about the boots. My first pair are a soft washable leather lined with fuzz - very comfy and fairly stylish to boot (pun intended).

Now I just need some gloves... :-(