Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A True Perfumerie for the Olfactory

Love this boutique called Le Labo! Discovered it in Nolita on Elizabeth street, but for all of my west coast friends that appreciate amazing candles and quality parfume's there is a little jewel of a perfumerie waiting to be explored on 3rd street in Los Angeles.
Candles are an important accessory in our home...the soft glow of a lit wick adds tons of ambiance to a room. I just love how the flame sways back and forth creating dancing shadows along the walls. OK OK...I'm getting carried away, but these contain high levels of oil which is what I look for in a candle. When you can run your finger along the surface of the wax and apply it to your skin as a fragrance...that is a quality candle guys and girls. This candle also burns like no candle I have ever seen.. It burns PERFECTLY EVEN! The wick naturally creates a mushroom tip which is created by the oil that is being drawn up to create the pouch which then disburses the scent. OK! Its all about the science y'all. Damn, I haven't even talked about the parfume's yet. They sell both men's and women's fragrances, but heck, I believe that all fragrances are unisex anyway. Every scent smells different on everyone, depending on your body chemistry and amounts of natural oil in your skin. Alright! You guys, go check this one out for yourselves. The candles here will run you $70.00 but its worth it, and it makes for a great gift. If you look closely at my shot of the candle above, it says Jesse on the label. They custom make the label when you purchase the candle. Oh, and when you purchase a fragrance they'll mix it up fresh for you! So go out and buy this great candle as a gift...and if you don't have a gift to buy for anyone...just have your name put on the label...Voila! gift purchased... for yourself! That's what I did anyway...


diane said...

Nice write-up, it makes me want to purchase a fragrance or a candle. As I am fan of your photography, I cannot let the beautiful candle shot go without a comment. Once again, a photo worth framing!

Marquis de Lannes said...

Je trouve les parfums de Le Labo ici a Paris chez Colette, pas trop mal! Bisous!

thirty1seven said...

This is soo cute! Can't wait to try it out :) and thanks for your lovely comment..

fass said...

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