Monday, November 3, 2008

NYC Marathon

Queensborough Bridge in background

Kenyan elite runners. Always my favorite.

At 5th Ave. and Central Park

In the Park

This is at the 26 mile marker

One more mile to go! As the runners enter the park they wave at them
selves on the jumbo screen or they pull out a camera and take a photo of it.

As some of you may know I photographed my first Marathon this past Spring in Los Angeles, and I was so moved by the entire experience. The energy that I get from the crowds, and the sea of spectators just cheering on the runners is indescribable. So, this Sunday I went out to shoot the event. I started at the Queensborough bridge on the east side and then slowly worked my way over to the finish which was at Central Park West. About 40,000 people run the NYC marathon, and 25,000 people run the L.A. The athletes had a hard time this year because it was so cold and windy. A lot of cramping, and slower speeds than usual. My hands were freezing after the 6 hours of shooting. I can just imagine what the runners must have been going through, especially the last runner that came in after 12 hours.

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