Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Strand

I know! The Strand has been around for ages, but I really like this book store. Was in there yesterday, and thought I would blog it. The 18 miles of books are lined along walls from floor to ceiling, with 2 levels of an exceptional selection. Since the store carries a majority of used Tomes, the scent of aged paper fills the large shop. I love a book with some history to it! The selection of coffee table books are endless, with an assortment of photography, art history, architecture, interior design, fashion etc. Since the books are used, you can purchase at a fraction of the original cost. So if your looking for signed copies, first editions, or hard to find titles, you just might find what you lookin for at The Strand!

You can view Strand's selection and place orders on the website.


thirty1seven said...

Great post and thank you for exposing it to me! I'm on the hunt for original coffee table books, can't seem to stop buying them :)

we could grow up together said...

whenever I do not feel like socializing in a cold rainy night, i just skip into strand and read away! love how it smells inside. and i always learn a thing or two every visit.

my place in small but its my little heaven. you can go to my blog acrhive-- SEPTEMBER 08, there is a post on some of the decor.

Alex said...

The blog ist great and the pictures, too.

Marquis de Lannes said...

En Enero vuelvo a NY, iré a esta libreria!