Monday, January 5, 2009

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

I've always loved this Quote from Gandhi. This is ABC Home's mission statement in action.

ABC Home is an amazing multi floor shopping experience that sells high-end housewares and furniture to the public here in NYC. While shopping there for a dining table the other day I learned that they have created a charity foundation, ABC Home & Planet. These photos are of their current exhibition/displays of handmade clothing/art from indigenous groups in Africa and Native American Indians. I've always loved these baskets that you see in the second photo. African and Native American Indian art has always struck me because of it's textures, colors, and detail. That's also why I love this store so much...the first level of ABC stocks tons of ethnic art and functional merchandise. While the other levels contain danish, modern, traditional, and vintage trinkets and furnishings.

ABC has collaborated with dozens of non profit charities to help bring change in our community and world. Their mission is to support global change by offering opportunities to align our spending choices with our personal values. Honor friends, loved ones, and colleagues with gifts that provide targeted services to heal our planet and its people. Each gift is represented with a personalized certificate in a vintage silk sari envelope.

Check out their websites and be sure to check out the store if ever in NYC!


diane said...

I've always liked native American Indian baskets as well. Nice photographs, and thanks for the heads up on the good cause.

Lucky Strike Louboutin said...

I'm fascinated by native americans!! Great blog hun!! I'm really addicted x

Luckystrike Louboutin