Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Structural Glamour

Detail, structure, and sophistication - This represents Julia Lintern's coat line. Just launched this winter, her coats are custom made. She does not believe in the sizing small, medium and large...she wants her high end coat's to fit the way they are suppose to on the body (like a glove), this is why the custom fitting is absolutely free. What really made me fall in love with this New York fashion genius, (and I don't use the word "genius" lightly here) is she began her career as a structural aerospace engineer! Hello! This is no wonder her couture looks the way it does. The Fashion house's jackets are very affordable considering the custom detailing that goes into each cashmere, wool and piped trimmed shroud. Julia currently works for Jet Blue as an engineer and is also finding the time to produce innovative design for the fashionable woman. Go to the site for more information and to view her elegant collection.



diane said...

Firstly, I love the coat, and knowing what goes on behind the design is much appreciated, thank you.
Secondly, You never cease to amaze me. It blows my mind that you know this stuff; so rare to find talent and brains in one package.

Marquis de Lannes said...

Trop belle!

XAVS said...

Oh my god, that is a lovely coat...absolutely fantastic! Diane is right, this blog is surprising, a major discovery!
I'll come back for sure!


I must agree with the rest here, impressive - both coat and blog.


thirty1seven said...

I LOVE this coat!! Its so sophisticated yet beautiful! Great posts :D

Fab50Plus said...

Okay I already thought that the coats were worth the price for their precise detail. But to learn that the customization is free - well, I'd say they're a bargain!

Wonderful post on a more than promising designer! Love your blog too!