Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From Kenya to New York

I'm adoring the concept behind the new fashion line that launched in 2008. The Creator of the Suno fashion house, Max Osterweis has collected textiles from Kenya over a course of a decade, and is now using these bold patterned fabrics in his garments. While the design and development stays in New York, the fabrics are brought back to Kenya where the clothing is made by Kenyan locals in small workshops. Employing local Kenyan artisans, and treating them fairly is bringing about positive change despite the country's political disorder. Suno's first collection consists of 1000 one of a kind pieces for 2009 Spring/Summer. From Kenya to New York...bold, colorful and ethically smart.

available at Opening Ceremony


diane said...

I really love stuff like this, especially what's displayed in photo 2. It's nice to know there is a politically awake fashion designer out there, trying to make a difference. Thank you for your smart commentary today sir. xo

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

This is beautiful... I am certainly going to be following this line. Thanks for the post.