Friday, March 20, 2009

Downtown goes Uptown

In Los Angeles, I frequently shopped Downtown showroom for my clients and myself. Every time I entered the shop there was always something new and completely original that caught my eye. Over time, I swear the vintage and antique furniture and accessories yelled out “take me home, take me home.” Well, I guess in all actuality it was my darn mind with these voices! I have a complete weakness for original interior décor…décor that you don’t see in stores like Crate N Barrel, Room and Board, or even William Sonoma Home. I love the oddly shaped, shiny, textured pieces, pieces that are made from crystals, Lucite, malachite, zebra woods, horn, 18th century woods from Tibet, coral, porcelain, turquoise, and the highly lacquered. Anyway, some time back my favorite Los Angeles purveyors of décor, David Serrano and Robert Willson of Downtown joined forces with Los Angeles designer Joe Nye, collaborating on a gallery and collection that consists of all of those amazing items that I accuse of talking to me – 20th century furniture and lighting. The Showroom, Joe Nye New York at 1059 Third Ave on the Upper East Side on Manhattan must be visited. But don’t complain to me when you hear those darn little voices in the showroom saying “buy me, take me home!”


diane said...

I wish you had included a link to the photos of your apartment, so the new readers could see what fabulous stuff you actually brought home. I love your place. Anyway, I was somewhat mesmerized by the curtains and zebra stool, I love pink & black. xo

Anonymous said...

Love. That. Chair.

It screams, "Damn it, take me home -- NOW!"