Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's All In the Details

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This past weekend I attended the Architectural Digest show at the Pier in NYC. The furniture and interior design that is exhibited at these shows are suppose to be new innovative designs, and for the most part I did see a lot of products that were cutting edge and a step up above previous years, but being in the industry I was familiar with most of the products that was represented. However, there were a handful of booths that stood out from the rest, in my opinion. One booth that I spent a lot of time at was Palo Samko's. Palo is a genius artisan who is located here in Brooklyn NY, I call him a genius because, he obviously pays attention to detail without compromising the quality of his workmanship. Just looking at the photos above, I'm sure you can get a visual of what I'm talking about. I love little details in everything - fashion, art, and especially in furniture, and I was very content just sitting at his booth all day-first, because I love his work, second, like his furniture, he's very easy on the eyes! He has the whole package - smart, creative, ambitious and good looking. But, all you single ladies...he's married and has adorable children. Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Samko puts his own distinctive stamp on his pieces, just placed perfectly within a niche that's created in a table or chair, like little carved wooden birds with a rod inserted through them, so they can be turned with a flick of the finger (as seen in the top photo). I also love his little inlays in the wood-various circles of metals that sparkle like a little stream of gems (as seen in the two photos to the last). What really floored me was his amazing bench that had a piece of leather on a portion of the top (2nd and 3rd photos), and within the leather he stamped/carved words. I tried reading the story, but was just too excited to read the entire thing.

I will definitely be keeping my eyes on Palo Samko, awaiting his next creation of detailed whimsy...


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diane said...

I have a great love of beautifully crafted wooden furniture, having grown up just down the street from George Nakashima. These pieces are really nice, my favorite being the one with the balls and the secret drawer.