Friday, April 10, 2009


I'm visiting my family for the holiday this week, so I'm sorry for the lack of post's. I'm sitting here at my sisters home with a cup of tea, looking out at all the freshly fallen snow, wondering...where in the hell is Spring?!!! I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival. Please mother nature hurry along...I want to wear my shorts, and sandals, and go to the beach! To fit this cold occasion, here are some of my other favorites from Alexey Titarenko's work. I thought these were appropriate, and matched the atmosphere where I'm at - dark...gloomy...froze. Hope you are all in a warmer location than me for this Holiday weekend. Happy Easter everyone!


diane said...

Where are you, in a castle in Siberia?

The sun will come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun (cue the red headed girl with no pupils and the cute dog)

Hang in there honey. xo

Anonymous said...

They are haunting. So evocative. Of course I adore them.

Have faith about spring, Jesse. We too have snow here on the ground and nasty chill in the air. But the crocuses are up and out already -- nobody told them it's too cold, poor things. It's just as well, I think. If they survive, so can we. Right?

Happy Easter to you and yours too.

david john said...

these phots are stunning! totally fits my mood today. surprsingly, l.a. is dark and overcast today!

The Concrete Commentator said...

LOL! A castle would be pretty cool. Yeah, the sun is suppose to come out tomorrow...yay! tomorrow tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, your only a daaaaaay aaaaawaaaay!

Keith said...

I love these. They definitely have a haunting quality to them. They remind me of how I've been feeling lately. Hope you're doing well. Take care.

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