Friday, April 17, 2009

Walls of Whimsy.

Recently, I discovered the great works of Tracy Kendall. A wallpaper designer, who approaches her creations as one of a kind art installations. From buttons that look like mother of pearl to, sequins, and tassels, Tracy seems to find a way to make these ordinary materials sparkle and dazzle. With a lot of patience, smarts and skill, her three dimensional wallpapers are sure to impress. As Tracy Says - "My wallpapers look so different because I’m not trying to mass-produce anything – I want them to convey a strong idea but not to dominate the room so much that that there is not room for anything else." One thing is for'll be making a little extra room for dust bunnies, so you'll have to give your house cleaner a pay increase or else you'll be cleaning off all those bunnies yourself!

1 comment:

Steve said...

I really love these wallcovering ideas, but I can imagine how they could get really dusty or possibly torn, so you'd have to be careful where you place them. What a way to make a space *pop*!