Monday, April 5, 2010

Casellula, Heaven To My Tastebuds

I realize I don't blog enough about food, and I loooove food! I mean...really love it! Especially if it involves some stinky cheese, and a load of carbs. Yep...this is why I see the gym just about every day. For an early Easter dinner, I went to a Casselulla just around the corner from my apartment. It's a charming little cheese and wine cafe, but they really have much more than cheese and wine, like yummy smoked cat fish tacos mmmm, my favorite! Anyway, This is their philosophy:

We like cheese. We really like cheese. A lot.

Our philosophy is simple: to share our passion for hand-made cheeses with as many people as possible. To that end, we have about 40 cheeses from all over the world on our list every day. The choices range from the familiar to the obscure; from mild to strong (and on to super, duper, crazy, stinky); from fresh to washed to blue. And because not every cheese goes with quince paste we take pains to pair each cheese with its perfect condiment. We work with over 100 different compliments, including a variety of honeys, nuts, compotes, jams, pickles, nuts, herbs, pastes, candies, cookies and cakes. We also love eclectic wines, beers and anything else that goes with cheese. And the best part is you don't need to get all dressed up to come here.

Yeah, and it's too bad I didn't get a shot of the chocolate cake we had at the end. How dare they pour a cup of cream over the entire cake right in front of you! UGH! Let's just say it was devoured so quickly I didnt even have the chance to pull my I phone camera out to capture it's beauty. ooohhhhh, but there will be next time!


Michael Mattison said...

Jesse -- Hadn't been on your blog for the past several weeks, but glad to have returned; you've posted some marvelous stuff recently. Loved "Vintage globes", and of course your current foodie post is delightful: So glad you also treat yourself to rich foods and wines now and again; can you imagine a life solely made up of fretting over calories? What would be the point of living in NYC or Europe without partaking in the extra glass of wine or the extra pastry?
Wishing you a good week,

The Concrete Commentator said...

Michael! so true. NYC is packed with the most amazing little dining spots. I'm right there with you on the pastries. I'm sure you have some lovely spots to choose from in your neck of the woods also!!