Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Straight Forward Design

I attended the New Finnish Design Show this weekend, and even though it was small, it contained some quality design. The above images are a few of my favorites that I photographed while I was there.

The first is Alessi, Adagio Fat Tray & 123DL. by designers Harri Koskinen and Kristiina Lassus. A set of three different sized crystalline glasses intended for several purposes: drinking toasting measuring cooking stacking storing. The Fat Tray made of bamboo can "swallow" inside it everything one needs for setting a table, while food beverages or pastries can be placed on top for serving.

The second is Anu Penttinen, City Plan 24/7. The City Plan wall pieces are versatile art products. It represents the artist's interest in introducing urban moods into hand-made art glass objects. A City Plan is about the small details within a cityscape: signs signals architecture walkways everyday objects.

The last is offered by Mottoform. These are part of a collection of old things made new, each with it's own story and design. Each textile embodies the unique history of a previous life in a home or cottage-where signs of age and use are markes of beauty. The Helsinki made hand printed vintage linens contains relief patterns found in Helsinki Art Nouveau architecture.