Friday, November 28, 2008

When can I call myself a New Yorker?

When I receive my very own New York mailbox? Done.

When I receive my New York Drivers License? Done.

Or when someone asks me directions to a street, neighborhood, restaurant, or any shop on 5th Avenue or Bleeker, and I can answer them without hesitation? This, I believe is when I can call myself a New Yorker. From the panoramic view above, I predict It's going to be a while until I can say "I'm a New Yorker!"


Anonymous said...

If you can endure the smell of a street fair and not pass out, then you qualify.

Simon Doonan.

Anonymous said...

Your new license looks fieruccy!

we could grow up together said...

u know what they say?! it takes 15 years! but if you love this magical city enough with all your hears, u can be one in just a NEW YORK MINUTE!

John Busschaert said...

How abut this one: When your cell phone no longer has a Beverly Hills area code.

The Concrete Commentator said...

LOL.. Thats a good one John.. I need to work on that!