Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello Polaroid!

Who says we have to say goodbye to Polaroid camera's?! I just purchased a vintage SX-70 in perfect working condition, it even has a working remote shutter button! The only problem is that the film for this model is hard to come by, but can be purchased from a company in Vienna Austria, so the film is expensive, but I only use this camera for special shots. I love that the SX-70 has manual focus, and has a lighten/darken control. This little vintage image shooter is full of character; it collapses flat, and was the first motorized Polaroid camera ever made, also it was the first non-peel apart self contained, self developing film and was the first collapsible SLR. This little camera is sweet! Visit my We'll See... blog for SX-70 shots.


diane said...

The fire escape shot is so eerie, well done.
I'm loving the Eiffel Tower shot (not polaroid). It looks like its made out of gold.

Geisslein said...

Ohhh - I really LOVE polaroids - and the vintage effect they often produce! I am the owner of 2 Polaroids - they are my camera-babys ;o) Wish you a nice weekend, greetings from germany,geisslein