Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Art of Origami

When you see a commercial, or an ad in a magazine that contains little or large origami figures, more than likely it's the genius folding work of Sok Ho Song! Sok works for a New York based design group, Blasa Brjost. They serve the needs of retail and fashion industries, museums and special events. I love his little creased creations, and I especially love the idea of juxtoposing origami and fashion together.
Song teaches the art of origami in the city. visit this website for more info.
Sok Song's website:
Blasa Brjost website:


diane said...

Origami is hard to do the right way, it's a true art.
I took a look at your other blog, btw, and I am really impressed with how often you post protest shots. Admirable. xo

Rene Schaller said...

poetic.... i love it