Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fashion, Vintage & Photography = Robert Christian Malmberg

Robert Christian Malmberg, a very talented photographer located in New York will sit you down in his studio with makeup artists and hairstylists to prep you for your shoot. Think of it as Glamour shots! Well, not quite. Robert shoots with an antique bellows camera and a vintage lens, and mixes up chemicals etc., to recreate a look as if you've been photographed during the civil war era. So, glamour shot not...but nostalgic vintage yes! I really appreciate his whole concept and approach. Malmberg can also be found shooting models backstage during fashion events etc. His amazing pieces can be purchased from his website... or better yet, just schedule your next portrait shot with Robert Malmberg.


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diane said...

His stuff is amazing! Totally had me fooled, I thought that was a shot of Malcolm X. You rock. xo