Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comfort in The Park, NYC

I noticed the old school overalls, and thought he was a construction worker taking a break, but then I noticed how clean he was, and all of his clothing was perfectly pressed. At that point I knew he was not out to work...he was just in the park relaxing. When he saw me with my camera he turned and looked to give me my shot, which was much appreciated...Thank you kind sir! This may not be a look I would try for myself, but I respect the fact that he is very well groomed and he exudes a comfort within his style.

Photo: Jesse, C.C.


Elizabeth said...

A great pic, Jesse! I love his face, so open and trustworthy (one thinks).

My WV is moroning... That can't be good!

diane said...

This is the kind of photography that you do the best. I love the lines in the bricks, and the lines behind him. The lights and darks, all of it! Great photo!