Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fashion Fitness

Awww...Look! She's a Dandyette

My friend and purveyor of style, Sarah X of Public Personae, is challenging herself with a 30 day fitness routine...It might not be the fitness that we are use to hearing about, like, gym, weights and, no, no my friends of fashion and style. This is a workout of fashion sense and creativity. The woman behind Public Personae will be working out her own "public persona", and will be digging through her closet, and I mean deep into her closet for a different look daily. Visit her site to get ideas for mixing and matching your own wardrobe. I think this is a great idea during this time of the big "R". I must admit, I also fall victim of wearing some of the same things together, and not flexing my creativity muscle to mix it up now and then. We are all rooting you on Sarah! You can do it!


diane said...

What a great idea, I will run over to her site to see. Love this look with the corset jeans. xo

Anonymous said...

Hey you, it's me Steph Cochran... wow, I wish I could fit into those tiny pants! lol

-h said...

this is a good idea. when i have the time to try new things with the clothes i already have i feel like i went shopping and i wonder why i never thought of certain combinations before.