Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weston on the West End

One of my favorite NYC galleries is featuring rare prints of one of my favorite photographers, Edward Weston from September 9 to October 24. Only Edward was able to make produce look sexy! He had an ability to allow viewers of his photographs to see what his eyes saw. People that look at his work can step into his world and see the toil of his genius mind. The beauty in the simplicity of a tree trunk, or a gorgeously proportioned nautilus shell, and the sensuous curves of the human back...all such great work.

Danziger Projects
534 West 24th St.
New York, NY 10011
212 629 6778


diane said...

I'm confused, what is the first one?

The Concrete Commentator said...

Diane, LOL! It's of a woman's breast and arm pit/upper arm area.

diane said...

Completely unrecognizable to a 51 year old woman, unless she's never had children, or has had surgery.

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos, Jesse!

Rondell said...

Ugh, looks to me like you need to stop looking at this smut and get yourself back into them church pews!