Friday, February 19, 2010

Farewell Bryant Park

We say goodbye to Fashion Week (for now), and goodbye to the end of an era (for good). Bryant Park, the home to Fashion Week for the past 17 years will be moving it's tents to Lincoln Center. There has been talk of moving the three catwalks and the large white canvas structure to New York's home of Opera for quite some time now. Anna Wintour and the fashion world has been fighting against the park management's decision to relocate. But now, the park has finally taken back their grass, and has mowed over couture. But, you don't hear me complaining about this. The Lincoln Center is just a very short skip away from my apartment!! I'll have it all right on my doorstep. Anyway, on the last day of fashion week the supervisor that organizes the tent setup gave me the most amazing complete tour of the space. He took me behind the scenes, backstage, under the lighting booths, in the makeup areas, all of the VIP rooms, and to all three catwalks. I must say, the tents are much larger than what they seem. I ended the day with the the David Delfin and Trias shows. So for now, this is goodbye Fashion Week, But next season...Hellllooooooo next door neighbor!!

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nycrun said...

yes good bye and hello to my old neighborhood. I think it will be less convenient for a lot of industry people to get there easily;at least they will not be able to walk there. Not that Anna W ever walks the block and a half to Bryant P.
I think though that more space at Lincoln C might allow for more shows to be concentrated in one place , meaning less off site shows. But will see, because some of the designers are not funded well enough to afford the Tents.I am looking forward to the new venue with great anticipation.