Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Raven - O My!

One more night of Raven O at 45 Bleecker. I dragged my ass over to the lower east side last night and saw this tiny very fit girl boy perform his one (androgynous) man show. The boy with the tatted bod can definitely belt out a tune. During the hour and a half show the former Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity performer took the audience through his life with song and story-From his growing up in Hawaii to his prostitution and crack filled days in New York City. The show took off a little rocky, but as soon as he took his little jacket off, revealing skin, the little she boy loosened up. mmmm hmmmm...this is not for the little kids! 40 minutes into his act this damn former tranny ho had me in tears. Raven's jazzy rich vocals cracked during times from telling his story of his hard life on the streets of NYC, which in turn made the audience shift in their seats trying to hold back their own croc drops (crocodile tears). OOOOO The life of a former crack head at a theater near you!! If your in town March 2nd check out his last performance,if not for the main entertainment, at least for the crowd gazing. Raven-O packs a theater full of very stylish, sexy, socialite mass of peeps!

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