Friday, January 16, 2009

In High Fashion

One of my favorite places in New York , The International Center of Photography opened an exhibition of the legendary Edward Steichen's photographs today. The collection is showcasing his works from the Conde Nast years, 1923 to 1937. Most may recognize his famous black & whites, since he was known for shooting the most glamorous Hollywood starlets and stars of his time. His Fashion Photography was and still is stunning works of Art. I loved the way he manipulated his lighting, the way it caught his subjects facial features, the eye lids, the cheek bones, the chin. I also loved some of his quotes such as this one "Every other artist begins with a blank canvas, a piece of paper, the photographer begins with the finished product." In my opinion he knew exactly where and how to begin...

The exhibition is running from January 16th to May 3rd at The International Center of Photography.


diane said...

The Garbo shot is my favorite, thanks so much for posting it.

diane said...

I'm still having trouble commenting on your other blog, I feel like such an idiot. Is anyone else having a problem?

Loved your protest shot; it reminds me of the 60's.